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What came first, the software or the service?

Honestly? Neither! Our business is a 'Software as a Service' (SaaS) and our ethos is: both are equally important to us and to our customers.

What types of services do ReferAll offer?

ReferAll offers two types of services – Onboarding and Professional services. Below we outline what's included in each, however we'll work with you to meet your individual needs, to ensure you gain the best for your service and delivery team.

We make your priorities our priorities

At ReferAll we've always made working with our new customers a priority. We'll create your service an onboarding plan that means something to you and your team.

ReferAll Onboarding Service

ReferAll Onboarding

  • Consult with our team about using our data import process for your referrals from another system or spreadsheets.
  • Discuss how you can match your reporting outcomes to ReferAll Reports from day one so you don't get caught out when it comes to report time.
  • We'll work with you under our Professional Services to set-up workflows for optimum productivity and communications.
  • Our goal is to ensure you quickly adopt our tools so you can take full advantage of ReferAll's features.

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Customisable consultancy to suit your needs

We offer a friendly consulting service, built on 20+ years' experience, to help transform your health and wellbeing service. Strategic direction, training, audit and evaluation are all part of ReferAll's consultancy service.

Aligning your wellbeing services with key performance indicators (KPI's)

We understand the importance of aligning your wellbeing services with key performance indicators (KPIs). That's why our team is dedicated to working closely with you to determine the most effective method for recording and analysing service intervention points and KPIs within ReferAll.

Our expertise in this field allows us to tailor our approach to your specific needs, ensuring that you have a comprehensive and accurate understanding of your services' performance. With our guidance, you can confidently track progress and make informed decisions to enhance the success of your wellbeing services.

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Get more information about our Professional services

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