Our story

Stu Stokes and his team experienced first hand the pain of running complex medical referral schemes. We found it hard to analyse data, generate reports, hang on to funding and offer the best service possible to patients. It was for this reason that ReferAll was created.

Our team

If you've read our vision and our mission statements you'll know each and every member of ReferAll's team is incredibly passionate and driven to deliver our product and our service to exceptional standards – one's they'd like to experience themselves.

With this in mind, here's a little bit about us ...

Lesley Angus

Support Manager

"I support our customers to ensure they can make the best use of ReferAll's platform. You'll hear from me during account calls or might even see the knowledge base articles I publish.

"I enjoy being part of a ReferAll because everyone is involved; we all feel we play our part in continuous improvement. My role is varied, no day is really the same and that's what I enjoy the most."

Kris Grings

Software Tester

"I help with software testing, get involved in technical support and liaise with the rest of the team on projects, like ReferAll's new, improved Outcome Reports feature.

"As a cloud-based solution provider, we're able to support our customers equally well while working from home whilst the pandemic continues. You'll also find me doing a spot of cycling when I'm not working to keep fit and get some fresh air."

Hannah Kelly

Customer Services Manager

"I'm proud to support our customers to help make their services – and their teams' working lives – better.

"I've been working for ReferAll since the early years. You'll either find me at the end of the phone asking how things are going on account calls, responding to support emails or LiveChat, or managing our Standard Operating Procedures. I like to finish the end of the day with a clear inbox!" 

Uwe Kohl

Senior Web Developer

"You'll find me dealing with coding web-based applications, fixing system issues and working in customer support.

"It's a very pleasant feeling working for ReferAll. We are all very human and – I hope I am right in saying – we actually all like each other! Being there for the customer is what motivates me most, offering support and coding applications to fit their brief. I've even been known to get code over-excited, so watch out!"


Matt Langley

Head of Development

"I'm fairly new in my role, although time is flying by at a rate of knots! I'm finding ReferAll is an interesting company, with a great team that's supportive, encouraging and keen to keep learning and adapting to new challenges.

'You'll either find me immersed deep in code, on a team video call leading a development project or designing a new feature. Knowing that our platform is helping to grant people access to services they need from a health perspective is what motivates me and my work."

Alan Louden

Head of Business

"I've got more than 20 years' experience in the leisure, health and fitness sector and so have a pretty varied role at ReferAll. I'm involved in all commercial aspects of our business, but principally overseeing the sales and marketing functions.

"Life at ReferAll is pretty fast-paced. Decision-making is quick, which means the team spend more time doing than thinking about doing! One day you'll find me introducing customers to the benefits of ReferAll, another I'll be chatting to a valued customer, to see how their service is doing."

Rachel Stokes

Marketing Lead

"Having spent my career working in health and wellbeing services, and running our own business with my husband, Stu Stokes, I know first hand what our customers need from a software platform and understand how preventative health services are often the ‘forgotten’ ones.

"You'll find me working closely with our PR Agency, Big Fish, creating our blogs, news, customer stories and social media posts, whilst also getting involved in customer support and our professional services consultancy. My motto during tough times is to 'keep on keeping on'  and it continues to work for me!"

Stuart Stokes

Founder and MD

"As the Founder and Managing Director here at ReferAll, every day my purpose it to lead, inspire and direct our team towards our mission.

"You'll find my day is as varied as the clouds, moving from problem solving, marketing and sales to finance and pastoral support for the team. For me, the ‘why’ has never gone. I’m inspired by the stories I hear from our customers. I celebrate the data our customers collect when they’re undertaking their work to improve the health of the nation. This is my inspiration!"

John Skinner

Head of Information Technology

"I'm fairly new at ReferAll and I got stuck in from day one. You'll find me looking after infrastructure, licensing, data management and new customer due diligence.

"I work closely with our Support Team to ensure total management, resolution and delivery on client work, not forgetting Business Security – these are just a few of my daily tasks! ReferAll is a great business, with an incredibly knowledgeable MD who has so much passion for the industry it becomes infectious."

Our vision, our mission

Health and wellbeing services have the potential to help people change their lives for the better. Our mission is to facilitate the continuous improvement of the standards and efficacy in the provision of those services.

We aim to do that by providing a unified platform that pushes forward the use of industry standards, communicates best practice, reduces inefficiencies and demonstrates effective outcomes.

Our values

  • We take an active lead in promoting the generation and adoption of standardised frameworks of best practice
  • We strive to bring together data from multiple sources to help our clients demonstrate effectiveness
  • We innovate to find new way to make managing lifestyle services easier
  • We value every client uniquely – we listen to them, guide them and evolve our solutions in response to their needs
  • We value our harmonious, supportive, motivated and open-minded team of working professionals.

We aspire to be as brilliant as you.

Being part of the ReferAll team requires a key element: a commitment to building a culture that is caring and sharing. 

We're not currently hiring but we’re always keen to chat to outstanding people who aspire to our culture.

With this in mind ...

Tell us a little bit about you