Bring clarity to referral pathway chaos

We happen to be experts in the business of referral management. That's why we want you to be, too. Wherever you are in our software ...

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You'll have a clear view of referral flow in your service, from top level tracking to individual referral status. 

Easily see how a referral has been made, who made it, who intends to start, who starts, completes and even who drops out early. No other platform offers this visibility, effortlessly.

We've made everything as simple as possible. And not a piece of paper in sight.

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Receive your referrals, your way

We've developed a number of pathways to receive referrals.

Use our API to develop your own webform for self-referral or 'on-behalf off' referrals, host it on your website and share the link with your referring partners to make secure referrals. 

Prefer us to develop the webform for you? No problem. We work with you to capture essential client information required for your service.

If your NHS or Community referrers are keen to track the client journey, referrals are made securely via our dedicated online Referrers Portal which include questionnaire, contact history and patient outcome status.


The six stages in the life of a referral 

Give life to your referrals. We've developed six referral statuses so you never have to scroll through history notes or a spreadsheet again.

Here's how it works. When an appointment or session is booked, the status will automatically move to Intends to Participate. When they've attended, the status automatically moves to Participating. Nifty, huh?

Because we know life isn't perfect, if there's a no show, even after numerous attempts to make contact via our communications solution, there's a status for that, too. Experience six steps to service happiness.


Powerful features in our Pathway solution – all part of the dynamic ReferAll platform.  

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What Our Clients Say

Wandsworth Council

Matt Robinson

Healthy Project Officer - Wandsworth Council

"As part of our preventative offer we need to link our systems. ReferAll gives us the tools to do this: it stitches our public health provision together. "