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Think health and wellbeing services are all about paper and spreadsheets? Think again. ReferAll software has tools to suit everyone who needs access to your service. Let us show you how our platform is revolutionising public health data. You can enjoy doing more of what you love – supporting people to make a change, for good.

Who uses the ReferAll platform?

From referrers in a healthcare or community setting to service managers, delivery teams and commissioners, the ReferAll platform offers a 360 degree approach for everyone involved in a health and wellbeing service. 

ReferAll platform for referrers

Securely access our Referrers portal and make direct referrals to your local wellbeing services or hub, plus view your patient's progress and success rate. 

Serious doctor listening to patient explaining her painful in his office

So much more than a referral platform

Make GDPR compliant referrals, safely and securely. From ReferAll's easy-to-use portal, directly referrer your patient's or clients with confidence. Medical information won't get lost in the post and referrals will be received only by the intended service.  

Whether you are a GP, nurse, physio or a community professional you can not only make referrals to local services on our platform, you'll be able to track referral progress and view outcomes.

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Your practice or department has the ability to manage access to the ReferAll platform, giving your administration staff full control over who can make referrals to your local wellbeing services.

Features you might like 

• Find local services       • Make secure referrals      • Contribute to GP contract goals     • View patient progress and outcomes 

ReferAll platform for service managers

With straightforward and simple-to-use reports, never again wonder how many referrals you've received or if your KPI's are on track to securing future funding. Now you can make spreadsheets a thing of the past.
Service Managers can benefit from ReferAll's comprehensive, all-in-one solution, which gives you access to everything they need.

Gain full transparency into your service data, in real time

Obtain an up-to-date view of all referrals and their status, from new to completed, on a clear dashboard for all your services.

With detailed reports on referrals received, uptake and completion rates, configurable at a moment’s notice, never again be without the data you need to analyse service performance.

Want to know the best part? Our reporting solution goes even further, to reveal patient outcomes for industry standard questionnaires, viewable on a permissions basis for all members of your team who need access.

ReferAll Reporting Solution

Features you might like

• Data insights       • Referral data by status     • KPI drill-downs     • Questionnaire outcome reports

ReferAll platform for delivery teams

Use our task solution to automate your service processes, appointment reminders, regular follow-ups and much more.

ReferAll's software provides delivery teams with time saving tools to see more clients

Utilise time-saving task management tools

Gain access to our contact management tool to improve service uptake rates with less admin and to harness patient motivation in a timely manner. 

Tasks Solution

Upon receipt of a referral, a range of follow-up tasks and SMS messages can be triggered to increase the window of opportunity for uptake to your service. Automating this process frees up staff time to concentrate on what they do best – supporting people to improve their health.

Creating workflows has never been easier, with extensive options to automate messages to your referrals at key intervals, such as reporting the number of session attendances, sending motivational text and email messages, and prompting online questionnaire completion, plus many more trigger points.


Features you might like 

• Automate workflow tasks       • SMS triggers     • Online questionnaires     • Batch actions

ReferAll platform for commissioners

Obtain clarity and transparency with Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reports. Never again wonder how many referrals your commissioned services are receiving or how well they are performing against target.

ReferAll's platform provides clarity for commissioners in just a few clicks

See only the high level data you require with ReferAll's Commissioner’s View

As a health and wellbeing commissioner, you are faced with some of the most challenging financial and service performance decisions in decades.

Outcome Reports_example2

With detailed reports on referrals received, uptake and completion rates, you need never be without the data you need to analyse service performance again. You’ll have configurable reports at your fingertips at a moment’s notice.

The depth of our Commissioner’s View allows you to drill down into outcomes for industry standard evaluative questionnaires, revealing the real impact a service is delivering within a specified timeframe.

Features you might like 

• Data transparency       • Referral data by status     • KPI drill-downs     • Outcome reports

What Our Clients Say

Life Leisure - Stockport-2

Michelle Childs

Health Development Manager - Life Leisure

"We all know exercise works; what I love is that ReferAll allows us to prove it."

"We have quarterly meetings with the commissioners from Stockport Council and produce an annual report at the end of the year, using the data in ReferAll's Reporting Solution to show how much the scheme has grown and what we’re giving back."


Zoe Merchant

Programme Lead - Prehab4Cancer

Greater Manchester Cancer

“We needed a secure solution that provides a simple referral process, bringing together our data and giving us a single point of access. ReferAll’s online software solution means a medical professional in any hospital or facility can fill out a referral with ease."



Iain McDiarmid 

Commissioning Manager - London Borough of Lewisham

"As an online solution, ReferAll is not just our system. It is also an interface between us and our primary care referrers and our leisure providers, who deliver the EOR programmes." 


Depend on ReferAll for Cloud SecurityCloudSecurity_ icon

Rest easy with our data security levels. ReferAll is compliant with the following standards:

  • GDPR – Data Protection Act 2018

  • Cyber Essentials Security – Certificate No f833af11-a8b1-4b25-a5a5-a6327ae97070   23rd June 2023

  • NHS DSPT – Standards Met 2022/2023

  • Crown Services Supplier (CCS) Certified 2020 UK Government. Version G-Cloud 13 (Lot 2) - Cloud Software. Our service categories are: Analytics and business intelligence, Collaborative working, Customer relationship management, Healthcare, Operations management

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