Leading Change with Stu Stokes, Founder and MD at ReferAll

Welcome to Leading Change with Stuart Stokes

Join Stu Stokes, ReferAll's Founder & Managing Director, as he sheds light on the dynamic collaboration between fitness & leisure providers and healthcare, working hand-in-hand to elevate community wellbeing. In this short video, Stu guides you through the evolving world of health referrals, blending expertise and innovation.

Discover the future of health referrals and why ReferAll is dedicated to making positive transformations happen.

[News] 📢 ReferAll announces price cuts to help leisure operators struggling with budgets

Stuart Stokes, Founder and Managing Director announces ReferAll is making it more affordable for leisure operators grappling with rising costs in the challenging health & fitness industry.

Stu talks about how ReferAll's new pricing structure offers flexibility, letting operators choose between variable or flat pricing models for better budget control. 

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[Insights] 🔍 Uptake and Completion Rates: What Does This Really Look Like For Your Services?

Join Stu Stokes as he discusses uptake and completion rates in health & wellbeing services. Learn the significance of having a deeper understanding of key intervention points and why you can't afford to assume anything!

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[Trending Topic] Pivot to Health

Stuart Stokes, with over 30 years of knowledge and experience in health, exercise, and physical activity, is a trusted expert in the field. His collaborations with NHS services have made him a valuable asset in this sector.

Tap into Stu's experience as he shares his insights on the ever-changing landscape of health and wellbeing. In just a few minutes, you'll gain a fresh perspective that invites further conversation. 

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