Our Story

We have experienced first hand the pain of running complex medical referral schemes. We found it hard to analyse data, generate reports, hang on to funding and offer the best service possible to patients. It was for this reason that ReferAll was created.

ReferAll was founded in 2009 by software developer, Mike Carey and public health specialist, Stuart Stokes.

Whilst at the coal face of running a referral scheme with his then company, Zest People Ltd, Stuart wanted a solution that he had been dreaming about for fifteen years: he wanted to receive online referrals to a scheme that was designed to place the patient at its centre, with the goal of improving their health.

It didn't matter what the scheme was, smoking cessation, weight management, or exercise referral, the one thing that Stuart wanted to master was excellent patient care with 360 degree feedback and an improvement in efficiency. This is how ReferAll was created, a simple idea with an opportunity to help transform people's health by bringing referral management online.

Our Vision & Mission

Vision - Lifestyle services have the potential to help people change their lives for the better. Our mission is to facilitate the continuous improvement of the standards and efficacy in the provision of those services.

Mission - We aim to do that by providing a unified platform that pushes forward the use of industry standards, communicates best practice, reduces inefficiencies and demonstrates effective outcomes.


  • We take an active lead in promoting the generation and adoption of standardised frameworks of best practice.
  • We take an active lead in bringing together  data from multiple sources that helps our clients to demonstrate effectiveness.
  • We innovate to find new ways of improving the ease with which lifestyle services can be managed.
  • We value every client uniquely, we listen to them, we guide them and evolve our solutions in response to what we see and hear.
  • We value our harmonious, supportive, motivated and open-minded team of working professionals. 

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